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My last iPhone was an iPhone 6 plus which seems a long time ago. Looking on the web, it appears that it came out September 2015. For those that know me, know that I upgrade tech frequently. After the 6 plus, I switched to using android phones. I owned the following phones Nexus 6P, Pixel XL, Samsung s8+ and the Pixel 2 XL.

Hard to say which phone I liked best out of the Android phones. They seem to all have their own issues. The Samsung drove me crazy because they never update the OS. I need to have the latest and greatest and not being able to upgrade drove me crazy. The Nexus 6P was probably my favorite of the bunch. While I really liked the Pixel I always had Bluetooth problems. Actually, my Bluetooth problems went away on the Pixel 2 XL once they released Android Pie. Unfortunately, Android Pie has presented different issues. I’d get into a state where a phone call would switch to speaker automatically. No matter what I would do I could not get back to either Bluetooth headset or the regular phone. A reboot would be the only way to correct this. Then there were the random reboots. One thing I loved about the Pixel 2 XL is the camera. The picture above was taken with my Pixel 2 XL.

Along with my phones, I love my smartwatches. I’ve had a Samsung Gear S3 for some time and it has been a great watch. I was anxiously waiting for the next gen which has been released. Unfortunately, one of the greatest features of the S3 was left out of the new Galaxy watch. The did away with Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST) technology. MST would send a signal to a credit card reader and replicate the magnetic stripe of a credit card. This worked on most cc terminals. The only places it did not work was on switch activated devices such as a gas station pump or at an ATM.

Now that Wear OS has released a new version I decided to get Fossil’s gen 4 Q Explorist HR watch. This is a nice looking watch and Wear OS seems to be a little better. Battery life is lousy though. The best I could get out of this watch has been about 12 hours. I need to get a solid 26 hours out of a watch. I like to wear my watch to bed and use it as my alarm clock. For some reason, the vibration on my wrist always wakes me up better than sound. I’ve been charging this watch twice a day in order to suit my needs.

Apple has announced and started selling their 4 generation smartwatch. Everything I read about it has been favorable. I’ve seen enough reviews that say people are getting about 36 hours out of a full charge to think that I would get at least 24 hours. I consider myself a power user and usually batteries do not last as long as other folks claim. I started thinking it may be time to go back to an iPhone. Then an email came out at work stating that soon we would be able to use Apple mail as our email. That got me starting to think it may be time to go back to an iPhone.

Yesterday I took the plunge and I bought an iPhone XS. So that makes 5 6 phones in 3 years if you count the phone I bought yesterday. I decided that I will return the Fossil smartwatch. In the meantime, I will use my Samsung gear S3 with the iPhone. Added bonus, I configured my work apps and I no longer need to use verse. With the iPhone, I can use the mail client and calendar. I’m excited that I will get meeting notification on my watch, even the Samsung gear S3.

The real test is really how the camera works. The iPhone has what they call portait mode. This is what I came up with taken a picture of Charlie


I’m thinking that the camera is as good if not better than the Pixel 2’s camera. Here is another photo taken outside at the Johnny Ro Verterans Memorial Park.

johnny ro

I have to say, so far I’m happy to be back to an iPhone. The only thing I really miss is Google assitant especially for swipping right to get to news. Apple tries to do something similar but it is not as good. Maybe I can find a third part app that will work for me.

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